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  • Calm
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Immune
  • Multi for Women
Product Main concerns Vitamints™ benefits


De-stress your day
  • low mood
  • high stress
Busy? Tired? Stressed? We all experience times when we aren't coping as well as we'd like. For these periods simply relax with Vitamints Calm. Vitamints Calm is scientifically formulated to help you maintain a healthy mood. It also helps support the body's stress coping mechanisms.


Sustain your get up and go
  • low energy levels
  • support for periods of high energy requirement
Feel like your energy levels are a little low? Or perhaps you need to get ready for some high energy activities? Vitamints Energy is scientifically formulated to build your energy reserves and help maintain stamina and endurance.


For concentration & memory
  • difficulty concentrating and focusing
  • need for mental sharpness
Having difficulty concentrating? Memory not quite as good as it should be? Vitamints Focus is scientifically formulated to support cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. It also helps maintain normal mental function when you're fatigued or low in energy.


Defense against colds
  • improved immunity
  • proactive defence against colds
  • tackle symptoms of colds
Feeling a bit under the weather or want to prepare for the cold and flu season? Build your immune defences with Vitamints Immune. Vitamints Immune is scientifically formulated to support your immune system and help tackle cold symptoms.

Multi for Women

Feel better everyday
  • inadequate diet
  • general health, wellbeing & performance
  • tiredness and stress
Feeling tired or stressed? Your diet may not be delivering the vitamins you need for optimum health & vitality. Vitamints Multi for Women is scientifically formulated to supplement your diet with a balanced range of essential vitamins and minerals.